Endorsed by the Cincinnati Enquirer: “Voters should move full steam ahead by approving the sale.“ Read the Article
Vote Yes on Issue 22! Early vote has started, so head to the polls and mark YES on 22 on your ballot.

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No New Taxes

By selling the railway, Cincinnati will maintain, fix, and upgrade city-owned infrastructure for all residents to enjoy—without an increase in taxes. LEARN MORE

Clean Water

Repair water treatment facilities, pools, splash pads, and water fountains to keep Cincinnati’s drinking water among the cleanest in the nation. LEARN MORE

Roads & Sidewalks

Improve city roads and sidewalks that have fallen into disrepair so that getting around is safer for pedestrians, drivers, and cyclists. LEARN MORE

Parks & Playgrounds

Keep city parks, playgrounds, and recreation centers well-maintained, up to code, and safe for our kids and families. LEARN MORE

Fire & Emergency Services

Upgrade outdated fire stations with new technology and up-to-date buildings so that our city’s firefighters and have what they need to make our communities safe. LEARN MORE